We do the how


Why Strateco-BG.jpg

"At its best, the world of business provides us with a tremendous opportunity to be powerfully affected by something of deep purpose and significance - where we can individually share our unique gifts and rise up to our highest potential"


Purpose - Why We Exist

To inspire and partner with extraordinary leaders - helping them achieve their vision and make a difference in the world


Values - The principles that guide our actions

Perspective – seeing the big picture / long-term focus / gratitude in the now
Humility – no ego / empathy for others / courage to act
Excellence – positive energy / consistent focus & effort / give a little extra


Big Hairy audacious Goal (BHAG) -
How We Want to Impact the World

To affect 1,000 companies and 250,000 lives


Approach - How We Provide Unique Value

Combining stakeholder-centric strategy, purposeful leadership, and culture to build a foundation for a more prosperous and fulfilling way to work

Strateco partners - connected with a shared purpose